Blog; Pioneers of animal well-being

“Standard or certified poultry meat, ‘Label Rouge’ poultry, and also guinea fowl, turkeys, ducks, etc.: Terrena endeavours to restore poultry production to its former glory, making the animals’ well-being the centre of the production process. This is an ambitious goal, which requires technical, economic and financial support when undertaking projects with producers.”

The above text you can find on the Terrena website. It probably states the reason why the French company Terrena got in contact with Vencomatic Group and decided, as the first cooperative in the world, to embrace the Vencomatic X-Treck system as their preferred system in broiler production. Terrena is the no. 2 cooperative in the French agri-food industry.

In April and May 2017, five houses of Terrena customers were equipped with X-Treck. It was agreed that Vencomatic Group gives support during the start-up. I had the honour to assist at Mr Pineau’s farm. 

The start-up took place during day -3 to 0 (1). The four most critical days in the process of on-farm hatching. During these days, several future customers, or their mechanics, visited Mr Pineau’s farm. They followed the process and thereby gained practical knowledge of the system. We were all very happy with the first results and the conditions of the new-born chicks.

Personally, I think on-farm hatching is beautiful. Every time the first chicks hatch a euphoric feeling grabs hold of me. It is so good to see all this new life. Crawling out of their shells, vulnerable but destined to become a strong healthy broiler. The X-Treck provides the opportunities; a quality start, a save catch in the in-cradle, time to rest and dry in clean litter and immediate access to feed and water. 

After this, it is back to normal in the broiler house. I am convinced the wonderful start the X-treck  chick has will give a healthy mature bird.

I am impressed!

Maarten Hagens – Poultry Specialist