Agro Supply expands range of heat exchangers

Agro Supply expands the range of Clima+ units with high capacity units of 27,000 and 31,000m³/h. For more than 20 years, Agro Supply’s heat exchangers are known for the highest energy efficiency available in the market, referring to the favorable ratio between fan power consumption and the amount of heat/ energy recovered. Heat exchangers make an important contribution to an improved poultry house climate for all types of poultry.

Thanks to the expansion of the range, an optimal fi t of Clima+ units is possible in poultry houses from 13,700m³/h to 31,000m³/h. From 31,000m³/h or more, two Clima+ units can be installed. It is not recommended to blow air into the poultry house at one place with capacities above 31,000m³/h as this would result in inefficient turbulent air flow.

Need for measuring fans
Power consumption is a critical point of heat exchangers. When high pressures occur in the machine, the electrical consumption of the fans increases signifi cantly and the overall machine’s efficiency reduces. By means of an aerodynamic design, the pressure drop at maximum capacity is not higher than 175 Pa at standard Clima+ heat exchangers. This allows the use of low-noise and energy-effi cient fans. At higher pressures, fans need to make more turns which signifi cantly increases both power consumption and noise production.

Agro Supply’s heat exchangers always make use of measuring fans. Measuring fans are driven by the passing air fl ow, they determine the actual air fl ow and its velocity. Only sending a signal to the fan without measuring fan, does not guarantee air is actually moving in the requested amount. For example, during
the fi rst period of the broiler production cycle the negative pressure in the house is 0 Pa because the main ventilation is off and the house is only ventilated through the heat exchanger. After switching on the main ventilation, there could be for example as much as 20 Pa negative pressure in the house. This 20 Pa must be overcome by the exhaust fan suction fan, the measuring fan corrects this and ensures the promised capacity is actually achieved. A guaranteed airfl ow is important because the heat exchanger is part of the minimum ventilation. Using the measuring fan enables us to guarantee the air output of the heat exchanger.

Birds perform better!
Climate optimisation in poultry houses will improve bird performance. Air quality improves, CO2 levels decrease and the air in the poultry house will have lower moisture level. This will uphold the quality of the litter, resulting in less footpad lesions. Various independent broiler studies also show an additional growth of 1 gram per day or more, and a 2-point lower feed conversion. The use of the Clima+ unit yields >70% savings in heating costs,however, the biggest gain is achieved through the improvement in bird performance, this holds for all poultry segments; broilers,(rearing) breeders and (rearing) layers.

Opportunities in legislation
In recent years, the Clima+ unit has received recognition for ammonia and particulate matter reduction. The heat exchanger filters the outgoing air leaving 80% of fi ne dust in the exchanger. Together with our customers, we invested in costly research which resulted in offi cial recognition for reduction of ammonia
emission and fi ne dust. With a capacity of at least 1.0 m3/h per broiler, a fi ne dust emission reduction of 31% is reached. A few years ago, a capacity of 0.35 m3/h per broiler was the standard for a heat exchanger. Now we see a tendency towards increasing capacities because benefi ts in terms of climate, energy and bird performance increase. By expansion of the Clima+ range, it is possible to off er each customer the optimal solution.