Open Door Days at Poultry Farm Bitterhoek successful!

On April 22 and 23 Poultry Farm Bitterhoek of the Bevelander family opened their doors to take a look in their new broiler house equipped with the innovative Patio system of the Vencomatic Group. A unique system where the direct access to food and water and advanced climate control guarantee an optimal start for the chick.


Open door days
On Friday April 22 the official opening took place by revealing the name of the new broiler house by the proud Bevelander Family. After the official opening interested people from the sector were invited to visit the farm. Earlier in the day a mini symposium was held, where several speakers gave their vision about innovating concepts in the broiler production. Saturday the 23rd family and friends could also visit the house.

The Patio system
At the moment the Patio system accommodates about 25 million bird places spread over several countries worldwide. The system provides a perfect environment for birds from hatching until the end of the growing period. In the Patio house everything revolves around the chick. 
Bram Bevelander of Poultry Farm Bitterhoek is telling : “We are familiar with the system. We already house broilers in the first Patio. Thats why we’ve been involved at the development of this concept all the time. With confidence we choose again for this special system. Pre-hatched eggs are placed in the Patio where they hatch and chicks have direct access to feed and water.”