Over 3000 visitors came to the VOF SOL Open Door Day

On March 28 & 29 over 3000 visitors travelled to Middenmeer, The Netherlands, to look at VOF Sols new broiler house.

The Open Door Day was held to celebrate the completion of the MTS. van Arkel and VOF Sol farms. Both companies have worked hard on realizing their new broiler farm which is equipped with the Vencomatic Group Patio system. The companies invested in a joint hatchery located at the Sol farm which provides pre-hatched eggs to both Patio systems. Because the pre-hatched eggs are placed in the Patio system, the chicks have instant access on day one to feed and water.

Together with Vencomatic Group and other contributing partners, MTS. Van Arkel and VOF Sol organised the Open Door Day for both the poultry sector and the general public at the Sol farm. On Friday March 28th the official opening took place. Mr. Vingerling, Chief Commercial Officer of Vencomatic Group started the day off with a presentation about the Patio system, followed by speeches of Mr. R. Van Arkel and Mr. W & J. Sol expressing their enthusiasm about the system and the project realization.

The Patio system currently accommodates about 20 million bird placements spread over several countries worldwide. On-farm hatching is a standard feature of the patio system. It ensures hatching chicks have direct access to feed and water from day one. The system provides the perfect environment for growing birds.


Wim Sol, René van Arkel and Jan Sol (f.l.t.r.)