Vencomatic Group introduces integrated poultry concept at the NABC Ambassador’s dinner

Wassenaar, 12 December 2013 - On Thursday 12 December Peter Vingerling – CCO Vencomatic Group and Peter Bart Lichtenbeld – Sales Director Africa, presented their ambitious integrated poultry concept at the NABC Ambassador’s dinner.

The Netherlands-African Business Council annually organises the Ambassador’s dinner. Providing the ideal networking platform for both African Ambassadors and Dutch private sector companies. During the one on one meetings the Ambassadors of Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda were impressed by the self sufficient project for Africa.

Vencomatic Group was one of the three companies that were given the opportunity to present their African poultry concept. Peter Bart stated: “Poultry meat production is predicted to nearly double to reach 200 million tonnes by 2050. The African continent with over 1 billion people offers an enormous potential for poultry production. Currently, local production capacity cannot meet the demand, therefore poultry imports to Africa are rising. Vencomatic Group offers turn-key solutions that fit local conditions. We offer an integrated poultry production concept, including equipment, training and management support. The concept is based on using local resources and cooperation with local farmers and universities. It contributes to the objective of Africa becoming self-sufficient in egg and poultry meat production”.

Vencomatic Group wants to thank NABC for creating this networking platform. With great confidence in our concept we expect excellent possibilities for the African poultry industry.